Cell Phone Encryption 


If you own a smart phone, chances are that you would have heard of Edward Snowden, the NSA and the phone call tapping crisis that is currently being argued all over the world. On the one hand you have Snowden who swears to have proof that the NSA is tapping everyone's phone lines and on the other hand you have the NSA who denied everything at first but is slowly admitting to more and more as days go by. This begs the question, are your phone calls private? Are they secure or is that just an illusion you have built up in your head? While only VIP's and business tycoons could afford phone call encryption software at one point of time, today it is available to anyone who owns a smart phone. That's right, just visit your app store and you will find multiple softwares that can encrypt your phone calls in a way that nobody will ever be able to listen in to your phone conversations ever again. 


In recent years, a lot of important business discussions have started being held over the phone, there are even video conferences that are held with partners and associates from all around the world. Just imagine the amount of damage a competitor could do by tapping into these discussions. They could leak confidential company data, sell company secrets and can even blackmail your company. And with the cost of most tapping devices becoming cheaper by the day, it is only becoming easier for such people to tap your lines. This is why it is important for you to install secure calls software on your smart phone before making any business calls from it. Even personal calls which are meant to be private can be tapped by hackers. The information could be used to determine when you and your family are on a vacation so that they can rob your house. It can even be used for something far worse like finding out where you children will be at a particular time and kidnapping them. If you didn't consider phone call encryption important for your office, you've probably got a whole new idea about it now don't you?

One last thing, you need to know that there are different phone call encryption software products out there. While some need to be installed on your smart phone as well as the smart phone of the person you are talking to others will work even if they are only installed on your smart phone. But not matter which phone call encryption software you choose, at the end of the day, you can rest assured that you phone conversations are private and that there aren't any unwanted third parties listening in.